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AFSCME Local 3937 Negotiations 2015-2017 Update Number 1

This is how the AFSCME Local 3937 contract negotiations are going with University Management:

On May 26, 2015: the University presented its budget to the Board of Regents.

On June 11, 2015: AFSCME Local 3937 met with Management for the first time.
Management presented three proposals: (1) remove hours from the vacation accruals table, (2) modify vacation donation rates, (3) remove a MOU on lump sum payments. Wage and Health Insurance will come later.

Local 3937 presented our proposals:
1. - improvements to the grievance process
2. - 6 weeks paid time for new parents

3. - improve sign language interpreter scheduling rules

4. - add respectful workplace/anti-bullying language

5. - resignations required to be in writing; 3 day cooling down period to change mind

6. - remove subsequent probations when moving to a new position

7. - reduce temp posted appointments to 1 year from 2

8. - U pays for required job-related expenses: safety equipment, certification, licensing, etc.

9. - make regents scholarship more available and affordable to staff

10. - add 1 personal holiday

11. - no vacation black-out dates

12. - refund for lost deposits due to recalled vacation time

13. - sick time payout when leaving U

14. - improve disability leave language

15. - improvements for laid off employees

16. - subcontracting must be discussed with union beforehand

17. - guaranteed bereavement leave

18. - investigatory meetings will be delayed when steward is requested, but not available

19. - job postings - 4 year degree should not be included in selection criteria

20. - paid time off for negotiations

21. - if a new employee is hired at a higher wage than co-workers doing the same work, the co-workers wages would be raised to the higher level.

On June 22, 2015: our meeting was canceled by Management.

On July 1, 2015:
Management responded to our many proposals. They required more time to research a couple of them, the rest were “really good sound union proposals”… but NO.

AFSCME 3937 responded in the negative to all three of their proposals. There is a ‘cost’ inherent in our accepting any of their proposals just as they face a cost for accepting any of ours.

On July 9, 2015: We met with Management beginning at 3pm. At this time the Health Insurance Article was presented to all four AFSCME U of MN Locals. They wants dates changed to reflect the new contract and they want to remove SameSex/Domestic Partner from the article – because the law has changed and those people may now marry.

Our committee is reviewing the Article to see if there is anything we want/need changed in it and to make certain their proposed edits are correct. Let us hear from you if know of something.

At 5:30 we were scheduled to meet with Management and just our Local. Instead we asked for time to consult with an expert on one of our proposals.

We met with Management at 6:30pm.  She presented their wage opener which is steps each year of the contract and .25% Across the Board (Cost of Living) which shows in the first pay period of the new fiscal year.

We presented our proposals that we believe have a ‘cost’ to them.
1. Sick leave conversion to retiree health care account upon separation from the U

2. Six weeks paid leave of absence for new parent (birth or adoption)

3. Progression (our step increase October 1 each year)

4. Change the dates in the articles to reflect current years

5. 5% general wage adjustment (Across the Board or COLA – July 1 each year)

6. Hazardous Duty premium of $1.00 per hour

7. Shift Differential of $1.00 instead of $0.60 per hour

8. Work out of class – currently we receive 4% increase but since our steps are not 2% apart, we want to change this to “two steps”

9. Paid time for Negotiations

10. Additional job duties with the classification – we all know they are not replacing staff who leave, at least not one for one, so when we have to take on duties that someone else performed but which are now assigned to us and are still within the job description, there should be a two step increase to make up for the extra work and extra stress.

11. We want to get our job families repaired so the lowest class salary grid is not where the intermediate class begins etc (examples are LA1 and LA2 or Assistant Child Care Teacher and Child Care Teacher), see Appendix D in your contract.

12. We still have salary grids where the steps are not 2% apart. We want to finish repairing those steps.

Then we had an actual conversation about Article 12 – Section 7. We are feeling like we may have been listened to for a change!

Our next meeting is scheduled for July 29; there will be a lot going on during the break and we will be asking for your help!

Send comments or questions to AFSCME3937@gmail.com
Or to Committee Members:
Mary Austin austi006@umn.edu
Jody Ebert
Krista Gallager
Bill Hill




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