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Negotiations Updates

Contract Negotiations Update #4

 On Monday June 26, the U of M AFSCME bargaining committee continued another round of negotiations with the University of Minnesota. Watch this video to get an update. Learn what the University offered the front line staff. Read more >>>

 AFSCME Local 3937 Negotiations Update 3 September 14, 2015

Negotiations are a slow moving exercise but knowing that our members stand with us gives the Local 3937 Negotiating Committee resolve to continue.

The Technical Negotiations Committee met with University management on Monday September 14, 2015. We began talks at 6pm and concluded them around 8pm.

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  On Nov. 10, our negotiations committee met with management (from 1 pm – 5 pm, our longest meeting yet).

  Our team met with management the evening of Aug. 5 Read more >>>

 AFSCME Local 3937 needs a few good volunteers to help with projects.... Read more >>>

 Upcoming events for AFSCME Local 3937 -- Check them out! Read more >>>

 AFSCME Local 3937 Member update on contract negotiations, posted 20150710.


What would you do if you got a decent raise?

Twenty Techs from the West Bank info meeting talked about what they'd do if they got a decent wage increase this time...

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