Negotiations 2021

Check here for updates on our current contract negotiations. 

Update 1:

At the table on June 1, our AFSCME team presented a comprehensive package of proposals focused on: wages & benefits; health & safety; flexible work location & scheduling; reasonable workloads; job opportunity; security & development; and racial & social justice.

The University's opening proposal?

A one-year contract that would waste worker dues by bringing us back to the negotiating table in a year, and a 1% across the board pay increase.

In presenting our opening proposals we were joined by over 20 members from our locals. We're proposing 5% across the board in both years of a two-year contract. We're fighting for flexibility around work location and scheduling, augmented pay for hazard and increased workload, expansion of benefits coverage, creation of job opportunity programs, and more.

When we stand together, we change what is possible, and we lift as we rise. Workers keep the University running, so the more rank-and-file support we have in the room, the more leverage we will have at the table. We win better contracts when we are mobilized! If you are interested in getting more involved, reach out to us at [email protected].