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DOT locals will take part in Workers Memorial Day ceremonies on Monday April 28. Events in Chaska, Duluth, Mankato, and Rochester commemorate workers killed or injured on the job. Read more >>>

Stop the Latest Postal Scheme

The U.S. Postal Service is trying to outsource mail service by putting “postal units” inside Staples stores. The problem is, it won’t be public-sector postal workers in these “postal units.” It will be low-wage Staples staff. This privatization scheme is another attack on public employees and on solid, middle-class jobs. What you can do: Join postal workers in their “day of action” on Thursday April 24. The Twin Cities event is from 4-6 p.m. outside the Staples store in Har-Mar Mall, 2100 Snelling Road N, Roseville. (Map)


Please join us in congratulating our new and returning Local Union Chair Officers and Executive Board members!

President - Teresa Shunk, BSAC

VP/Chief Steward - Brad Kraling, RAR

Treasurer - Mary Austin, EPI

Recording Secretary - Nicole Masika, Minitex

Med Area E-Board - Krista Gallagher, Med School and Bil Hill, U Libraries

Trustee - Mary Lisa Berg

Thanks go out to Election Chair, Beth Wolszon, and to our "retiring" officers - Chief Steward, Chris Koehler and President, Barb Bezat

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New AFSCME campaign will grow the union by 50,000 members before the 2014 Convention in July. Read more >>>

Minimum Wage Victory!

House and Senate leaders have reached a deal to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 by 2016, then keep raising it each year to keep up with the cost of living. (Read the details) AFSCME members led the way in fighting to make work pay. Combined with the efforts of our allies in the labor, faith and nonprofit communities, it means 357,000 hard-working Minnesotans will get a pay raise they need to improve their ability to support themselves and their families.

Fighting for All Workers

More than 1,000 Council 5 members and retirees made themselves impossible to ignore during Day on the Hill. During what is typically our biggest event all year, members took our union’s fight for all workers to the Capitol. That included packing a hearing room urging the minimum wage conference committee to raise the wage to $9.50 -- then make sure it goes up every year to keep up with inflation. See the photo album of AFSCME members in action. Sample news coverage from around the state.

Last month’s employment figures are in, and things don’t look good. Read more >>>

by Olivia Sandbothe

Low-wage workers in certain federally funded jobs will see a much-needed pay increase, thanks to President Obama.

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AFSCME Local 3937 Events and Updates

Here's the text of an update e-mail we sent out today, Monday, February 3, 2014

Be sure to take a look at upcoming events!

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Our pay statements for checks due Wednesday,January 22 are already up and ready for your review!


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AFSCME U of M Techs ( Locals 3937 and  3801, UMD) reached a tentative contract agreement with the University of Minnesota on Tuesday night, October 15th. Read more >>>


AFSCME NEGOTIATIONS - Upcoming Dates to note!

We will be in Health Care Mediation with the University on the following days:

September 27

October 1

The Techs will be in regular contract mediation with the University on the following days:

September 23

September 26

October 2

October 7

October 8

October 15


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University Locals Lead Fight Against Health Plan Changes

In an article from the AFSCME Council 5 web page, Council reporter Michael Kuchta says:

"About 60 university workers rallied Tuesday and marched through part of the East Bank campus to highlight the university’s plan. 'This is not a small change,' says Barb Bezat, president of Technical Local 3937. 'This is going to have a huge impact, and it doesn’t have to happen.'"

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The Minnesota Daily calls on the University to take its time in making any changes to our Health Care Plans:

"Though the threat of the “Cadillac” tax is a genuine concern for the University, there is time before 2018 to hold discussions and collect data before scaling back benefits."

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All University of Minnesota employees would face increases in deductibles and co-pays if the changes proposed by the University administration in the health insurance plan are implemented.

The proposed changes were recently announced at the University Benefits Advosiry Committee meetings, a group representing University employees which advises the administration on our benefits plans.

The link here provides more detailed information about these potentially harmful changes, and we urge you to learn more about them!

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Students Need Frontline Staff, Not More Managers

While University of Minnesota regents blessed their budget and a new staffing study this morning, union leaders appealed the layoffs of 25 frontline employees who take care of students on the Twin Cities campus.

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Even monkeys can recognize when they're part of the 99%!!

Click on "read more" for a link to a video from one of the TED Talks


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Read this Minnesota Daily article for the real numbers about the management "spans and layers" in Facilities Management.

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The University is out-sourcing our jobs left and right
- First it was the Teamster Parking Attendants (along with hundreds of students who relied on that income to make a living while paying high tuition).
- Most recently – it was the entire elevator shop.
NOW – it’s the Fire Alarm System!
Facilities is laying off some of the Building Systems Automation Center (BSAC) Operators in AFSCME Local 3937
If you do a job that can be done “more cheaply” by the private sector – you’re in danger.
Our skills, dedication and experience no longer matter at the U of M.


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AFSCME Local 3937 has elected the members of the 2013-2015 Negotiations Committee to begin the next round of bargaining talks with the University of Minnesota. Read more >>>

PLEASE NOTE! The e-mail address for our Local 3937 office has changed. It is now:



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Negotiations for our 2013-2015 contract are coming closer every day. Can we do better than last time? YES! But only if we all work together to advocate for our needs.

You can participate by becoming a member of our Technical Bargaining Unit Negotiations Committee. Yes - it's something that takes time. It's a slow process. As you well know, we don't always see a completed contract that has everything we know we need to do our jobs and live our lives - but NOTHING will happen unless we word hard to make it happen!

We'll be having our elections for the 2013-2015 Negotiations Committe at our Membership Meeting on Wednesday, January 16th. See "read more" for additional information.

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CHARLES LANE, Star Tribune
At the University of Minnesota, the number of employees with "human resources" or "personnel" in their job titles has grown from 180 to 272 since the 2004-05 academic year.
Since 2006, the university has spent $10 million on consultants for a vast new housing development that is decades from completion. It employs 139 people for marketing, promotions and communications. Some 81 administrators make $200,000 per year or more.
In the past decade, Minnesota's administrative payroll has gone up three times as fast as the teaching payroll, and twice as fast as student enrollment.
Oh, and tuition more than doubled in that same period, to more than $13,000 per year. Read more >>>

On August 30, 2012 Ann Edgerton, Director of the University of Minnesota Child Development Center (UMCDC), refused to continue participation in the UMCDC Labor Management Committee. 

AFSCME Local 3937 vigorously protests UMCDC management’s dismissive disrespect for the principles and process embodied in the University’s Labor Management Committee Philosophy’s.


The main email account for AFSCME Local 3937 has changed to afscme3937@gmail.com .  Please update your address book.

Local 3937 offices have moved to 312 Central Ave., SE Mpls.

Remember when our Members were SOLD to Fairview this past March and were informed they were no longer University of Minnesota employees.

FInd out about their victory and how it was won.

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The Hennepin County Board adopts a respectful workplace policy as a result of the work of AFSCME Locals in contract negotiations. Read more >>>

Click here to read more about Workplace Bullying and what it means Read more >>>

Yes, dependent grandchildren will be covered by the the U's health care.

Find out why

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Information on how employees who apply for or utilize FMLA are protected by Federal labor laws. Read more >>>

Find out about your right to $2.00/hr for every hour an employee is "on call" Read more >>>

Find out what being a Member means and how to calculate what dues are Read more >>>

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