(Kristina) Ji Kim

Ji Kim
(612) 624-4183

I’ve been with the University for about 19 years.  I started working as a student in Wilson Library and because I enjoyed my time at the Libraries so much, especially working with good spirited people, that I stayed on as a temp after receiving my bachelor degree in Statistics.  A couple years later, I became a full-time Library Assistant 2.  Currently, I work in the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) as a Library Assistant 3 clearing copyright on articles, and obtaining books and articles for students, faculty members, and staff from outside of U of MN Libraries.  

I became a member of the Local 3937 as soon as I learned about it from a co-worker, which was almost immediately after I was hired into a full-time position.  I remember being happy to be a member at the time when I was working on the JEQ (Job Evaluation Questionnaire) to be reclassified from LA2 to LA3.  It was being delayed and I was anxious, so I sought advice from a steward.  She “visited” with my manager at the time and the HR staff.   My JEQ went through within 30 days!

Like some of you, I was indifferent or disinterested in the Local for a very long time and it just recently that I became involved when they needed a trustee.  It surprised me to learn that I liked auditing and learning about the financial side of the Local.  I had expressed this interest, and the Treasurer at the time, who was filling in temporarily, recommended that I seek the position as she was not going to run for it.  It’s now been about 2 years since I became a Treasurer.  My main responsibility is to manage the Local’s finances.  There are some challenges to the job especially when it comes time to do the tax return.  However, I have a strong support system from the Local’s leadership team; I can easily seek their advice as two members were former Treasurers.

Outside of work, I like trying out new restaurants that serve different ethnic foods.  I also enjoy collecting and cooking new recipes.  I recently became a huge fan of David Baldacci, so you’re likely to see me reading his books.  I also love watching old TV sitcoms and Korean dramas.